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What To Eat, When To Eat & Why – JJ Virgin’s Cheat Sheet

September 2, 2022

Free Summit From September 12th-18th


Have you ever reached for your favorite comfort food because you were feeling stressed out?

We’ve all been there, reaching for something sweet – a brownie, a cookie, or whatever your favorite comfort food might be – to momentarily calm our stress.

Stress can make you crave sugar, but eating sugar to relieve stress puts your hormones into a tailspin, creating a few moments of calm followed by metabolic havoc that leaves you tired, moody and stressed out.

Whatever stress relief you get from eating comfort food is incredibly short-lived, and ultimately, you’re left wanting more of the same sugary food that created this havoc.

Food is the problem here… but it can also be the solution.

—>>Join me to learn more at the What to Eat, When to Eat, & Why Summit!

You’ll discover how you can lower your sugar impact and start managing your stress levels with what’s at the end of your fork!

The What to Eat, When to Eat, & Why Summit experts will explore:

  • What your brain looks like on sugar
  • How sugar ages you inside & out
  • How blood pressure spikes damage your body over time
  • Top food culprits that cause anxiety
  • How protein needs change during stressful situations
  • Why snacking can negatively affect blood sugar control
  • Using greens & spices for cortisol balance
  • Promoting gut health & balanced blood sugar with the right fats
  • Optimal meal timing for blood sugar stability & hormone balance
  • Preventing diabetes & heart disease with food
  • And so much more!

Your host, JJ Virgin, has gathered together over 40 experts to help you fast-track your health with accessible and practical tools to jump-start fast fat loss, break through weight loss resistance, reduce inflammation, balance hormones and mood, improve sleep and reverse declining health by using food as medicine.

Get Lifetime Access Now

What to Eat, When to Eat, & Why Summit
What to Eat, When to Eat, & Why Summit
What to Eat, When to Eat, & Why Summit

Encore Weekend at Infections: Eastern Wisdom Meets Modern Protocols

At this health event, we learned about a new approach to healing that integrates centuries old practices together with familiar and emerging protocols. Whether you’re dealing with parasites, mold toxicity, Lyme disease, or acute or recurrent infections, strengthening and balancing your system can build your body’s capacity to deal with the infection and any detox protocols or harsh treatments for your illness.

Learn about:

+ The Microbiome and Chronic Disease, Kiran Krishnan
+ Setting the Terrain for a Healthy Immune System, Dr. Tom O’Bryan
+ The Role of Parasites in Chronic Disease, Dr. Todd Watts
+ Immunotherapy, Detoxification and Survival Response Dr. Isaac Eliaz
+ Ancient Ayurvedic Practices, Sleep, Melatonin and Peptides, Jason Prall
+ The Importance of Mindset in Healing Chronic Infections and Disease, Dr. Nasha Winters
+ And more!

Reminder: encore weekend ends on Monday morning


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