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Bluetooth, diodes and transistors in covid mRNA vaccines

September 17, 2021

Several articles, studies and videos have come out that offer answers to some very difficult questions and issues around the covid so-called “vaccines.” These injections are not traditional vaccines. They are a global, human genetic manipulation experiment, in addition to being an implantable technology designed to track and trace.

If you thought the rollout of booster shots every 6 months was bad, companies associated with the manufacture of the mRNA vaccines (the first time a vaccine has ever been derived from nucleic acids), wait until you hear about the inevitable DNA vaccine. You don’t have to be a biologist (I happen to be one) to understand what this means.

The mRNA component of the covid vaccines is a snippet of code, made from nucleic acids, that goes into the nucleus of the cells and tells them to make DNA using that code. For the mad scientists, the next logical thing is to skip this step and just insert the DNA itself. In my opinion, this procedure is capable of making humans something other than how we were created by Our Creator.

I would like to honor just 3 sound scientists (there are many more presently) who are unraveling the nefarious agenda of the vaccine pushers. Please watch their short videos below the brief excerpts. You can see other posts on this site connecting the covid vaccines to illness, human magnetism, 5G and the NWO (New World Order) agenda.

covid bluetooth mrna
Guillermo Iturriaga, Chilean Electrical Engineer and Biophysicist, CEO of Laser Beam Technology, commented on key aspects of his research into AstraZeneca’s vaccine in a special interview for El Guardián de la Salud.


According to his findings, and as already anticipated by Connectivity and Networking Engineer Christopher Montenegro, these vials generate an electric field when shaken. This shouldn’t happen if they were a true vaccine.

Iturriaga measures electrically conductive material and has detected diodes and transmitters in the vaccine vial. He also explains how the material acts similar to metal detectors.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains how the picture of COVID lung is created. Something that has never been seen before in a classic ARS (acute respiratory syndrome) picture.

Dr. Sevillano: The purpose of the operation being carried out by the global elite is nothing more and nothing less than the control of humanity. Why else would they need to use graphene as an adjuvant in vaccines and extend a network of 5G antennas around the world? If one mixes together biomolecules and graphene oxide, it becomes magnetic inside the body. Electrical pulses of any strength weakens the mitochondria, the energy production center of the cell. This is irradiation.


Dr. Chinda Brandolino  is a forensic and forensic medical examiner and clinical physician from  Argentina Specialist in medical issues. Professor, Chair of Human Geography of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Catholic University of La Plata (UCLP). Founding member of  the Santa Gianna Beretta Molla Institute for Biological Research for the Defense of Life  (UCLP). Founding member of the Chair for Women and legal medical advisor of the  Institute of Bioethics  (UCLP).

Bill Gates studied how an inscription could be introduced with indelible ink into the DNA of the human body, which is a metallic nomenclature. It must be metallic because it has to be an emitter and receiver of microwaves. This is the kind of chip that we’ve been hearing about for 30 years that is used for identification through bluetooth technology.






human magnetism

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